Although the ‘90s tech bubble collapsed by the end of the decade, it bred an industry that changed the way financial markets do business. FinTech companies use technology to make financial services more efficient. Software hasn’t replaced traders and brokers, but they can’t compete without it.

This link launched MD Solutions. Our three founders began in financial services then moved to the technology side. I was an assistant portfolio manager working for a firm that was upgrading its Axys program. One of the consultants encouraged me to submit my resume—at the time industry knowledge was most important to the FinTech software giant.

My Advent career wasn’t just essential for me to become a technology expert, it also unlocked my problem-solving skills. I’d used them all along, but not this intensely. As a consultant you have the support of the vendor, but most likely 3,000 miles away. Onsite you’re the “tip of the spear,” and you have to find solutions because you can’t fake until you make it in your client’s office over a three-month installation.

The combination of industry and technology knowledge distinguishes MD Solutions. After 12 years we’ve grown into a full service team that’s written, implemented and taught the software. We can’t be stumped by problems other vendors or the marketplace have chosen not to face.

In our early years, the ownership team functioned as a committee where responsibilities were shared. Over the last five years of rapid growth, we’ve found success focusing in specific service areas. We call them the 4C’s:

✔ Consulting
✔ Co-Sourcing
✔ Custom Engineering
✔ Continuing Education

I run Custom Engineering, where we work across all departments providing anything from middleware to reporting support. We also partner with Advent as an extension or their custom engineering department.

Let us show you how to leverage your software platform.