If you’ve played a team sport in school, hopefully you’ll bring some important principles to the workplace. Being responsible for your position, not wanting to be the weak link and keeping communication open to get the best out of your team are useful over a lifetime.

I’ve only had three full-time jobs since leaving college, and I’ve found most everything ties back to those lessons learned from my years on the basketball court. And the big one, the fact that you have to work together to win, is central to MD Solutions, the leading provider of professional services for Advent software and other financial tech platforms. Three of us who worked in financial services as well as for Advent co-founded MD Solutions in 2004. offering the unique perspective of having been both client and vendor.

Twelve years later we’ve grown into a full-service firm with industry and technology knowledge that distinguishes MD Solutions. We’ve written, implemented and taught the software. We can’t be stumped by problems other vendors or the marketplace can’t solve. Our extended offerings allow clients to maximize their FinTech investment by ensuring they’re using it to its full potential. We call our services the 4C’s:

✔ Consulting
✔ Co-Sourcing
✔ Custom Engineering
✔ Continuing Education

Although I’m responsible for managing our Consulting and Continuing Ed groups, the player-coach concept best describes my role. With our consulting service fully matured, we focus on helping our clients with implementations, upgrades, migrations, conversions and workflow optimization. Continuing Ed is our newest partnership with Advent. We’re building it out with workshops, remote trainings and we’ve delivered materials at conferences.

MD Solutions is a team focused on client relationships and long-term partnerships, growing with our customers and building something that will be around for a long time. If you’re interested in optimizing your financial tech software investment.