Tech companies that prevail beyond start up, merger or buyout and remain relevant for the long term have a defining characteristic—savvy leadership. They stay on top of evolving technology while remaining grounded in their space.

It’s no small feat, particularly in the financial technology services sector where consultants often measure field time in dog years—one in the trenches equivalent to seven years on the grueling but fertile ground big operations like Advent offer its staff advisors.

This is the context in which MD Solutions was founded. My partners and I have worked for asset management and software companies—we’ve been both the customer and the vendor in the financial tech space. We uniquely understand the industry and how information is requested and reported.

In fact, we were the first certified partner for Advent Software’s platform and financial management services. Combined we have decades of hands-on experience with their programs and clients. And, we understand the benefits and challenges of working with such big organizations as much as they appreciate our agility to reach out to customers to ensure a sustained ROI.

Because we’re problem solvers, we quickly deliver solutions to companies struggling with their software platform, want to customize it to meet a new need or outsource their operations. After 12 years, we’ve grown into a full-service team who has written, implemented and taught the technology, know its pain points and possibilities and understand the differing needs of investment professionals. The moment a situation arises we’re able to create customized solutions other vendors or the marketplace have chosen not to face.

Our support service suite offers what we call The 4C’s:

✔︎ Consulting
✔︎ Co-Sourcing
✔︎ Custom Engineering
✔︎ Continuing Education

Whatever mix of services, we’re here to help integrate people and technology in amazing and affordable ways.