MD Solutions Axys / APX Custom Reporting

Axys and APX consists of hundreds of reports that many companies use as a base to create custom looks, data groupings, and other information with the help of MD Solutions. You can request a slight change to a report or create comprehensive report packages:

  • Axys/APX Relang Reports
  • Custom Axys/APX Billing Reports
  • Custom Axys/APX Operational Control Reports
  • Custom APX SSRS Reports
  • Custom SSRS Revenue Center® Reports
  • Custom Quarterly Report Packages
  • Custom Moxy Reports
  • Custom APX Dashboards
  • SSRS (Moxy V. 16.2 or higher)
  • Crystal
  • Custom Axys/APX Invoice
  • Custom Axys/APX Management Fees Upload

For example, relang is usually best for in-house operational type reporting and the graphic stylings of SSRS often works well for client-facing reports and complete report packaging.

Custom Reports Catalog

Most report requests fall into the following three categories:

Operations: Allow MD Solutions to help operations departments with data aggregation, robustness, and perfecting reconciliation practices while protecting data integrity.

Billing: Save time adjusting Excel files and let MD Solutions develop customer billing reports sorted by commission, asset classes, or any other important category.

Quarterly Packages: Package up existing reports, adapt current information or ask MD Solutions to generate an eagerly anticipated quarterly data suite for management.

Coming up with a report from scratch can be a daunting challenge. This is why a great place to start is by reviewing our custom reports catalog.  Then, using an existing report as a template, add your customization to generate branded information.

In the MD Solutions custom reports catalog, we spell out the process for you, so you know what to expect. Download the catalog and contact us to get started.

Custom Reports Catalog

Report Samples

Below are just a few sample reports to give you an idea of what we can do for your firm:

Custom SSRS Report

SSRS Example

Custom Axys/APX Invoice

Replang example

Custom APX Dashboards

SSRS Dashboad Example

Report Training

MD Solutions’ certified trainers will help you create your own Axys/APX custom reports. We train you on the appropriate used of either APX SSRS or relang for either Axys or APX. After you develop some expertise with compound reports, macros, and other styling options, you can try your own minor customizations.

For all of your reporting needs, MD Solutions will efficiently develop the request and work to deploy and rigorously test your custom solution until it meets specifications.