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Poor custodial data quality can decrease efficiency in the critical morning reconciliation period when minutes matter.  SmartBlotter! can alleviate that pain by transforming your custodial data using rules you design to meet your exacting standards.


  • SmartBlotter! allows us to process approximately 30,000 transactions daily and meet all of our trade ready reconciliation requirements
  • Rules based data transformation
  • Pre-Loaded with top Rules used by our data specialists to get you started
  • As our data specialists create new rules we will share them with our community of users
  • Increase your software ROI without an increase in headcount



“Without SmartBlotter! we could not meet our daily trade ready reconciliation requirements, given our volume of transactions and the poor quality of some of our custodial data.”  Jacqueline Gazdik – Investment Operations Manager, MDS Co-Sourcing

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