Mr. Mars, I want you to know that I spent nearly two hours with Clara dialed in to my computer yesterday... SHE IS FABULOUS! She is one of the best engineers I’ve ever worked with – she’s fast, very bright and communicative. For all she knew intuitively, I was surprised she’s never worked at Advent... I am very enthusiastic to work more with her and wanted you to have that positive feedback.

MD Solutions worked with us on a consulting basis for several years. When we were ready for co-sourcing, the MD Solutions team was able to comfortably ease us into co-sourcing. Three years later, our staff hasn't increased, our assets have tripled and we've seen the benefits across the entire business.

Advent brought MD Solutions in to help with a project that ran over budget. We initially worked with MD Solutions because we felt there were no other options. Five years later, MD Solutions has proven to be an excellent partner that is both flexible and reliable.

When our settlements staff member resigned without notice, MD Solutions agreed to pick up the responsibility the very next day. Steve, Sean and Bill were a bit reticent, but their team members had the experience to perform the work. After six months, we decided to keep MD instead of filling the position.