Our transformative approach identifies how your core business capabilities stack up to opportunities for growth.  Starting with a partner who understands the intersection of business and technology, who also has deep industry and platform knowledge, meaningful insights and the broadest range of capabilities is critical.  The synergy between people, technology and workflow results in scalable business practices facilitating unimpeded growth.

Any organization can make do with incremental change – at least, for a while. But building for the future means making bold moves and tough decisions that will transform your business.  We are passionate about harnessing innovation to tackle even the most complex issues.


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We make the implementation of new technologies and workflows successful utilizing proven methodologies while mitigating the associated risks.  Our goal is to drive your project to completion both on time and on budget.

Advent Axys/APX

Schwab Performance Technologies - PortfolioCenter

MorningStar Office

Investortools - Perform

ModestSpark - client reporting and document center



Advent is continually improving their solutions which has dramatically shortened the upgrade cycle.  Work with our experienced team to keep your valued software up to date and benefit from the latest functionality.




Business Process Optimization


Workflow and process optimization is an ongoing business challenge, and the companies that continually seek ways to improve are the companies that stay in business and prosper.

MD Solutions will help you understand your existing knowledge and information workflow and identify ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness.




Workflow refinements lead to greater productivity and higher levels of employee satisfaction.

When you simplify processes, you reduce mistakes and diminish the effort required to do the right thing.




Vendor Selection


Reviewing, evaluating and choosing a service provider can be a daunting and challenging task. Managing the needs of multiple key stakeholder groups can undermine the overall project, and put the organization’s goals at risk. Applying a thorough and detailed information gathering process, cost benefit analysis and due diligence assessment are critical steps in selecting the most appropriate vendor.

Our expertise with leading investment firms through a comprehensive, efficient and unbiased RFP process takes the guesswork out, and helps firms choose a vendor that best meets the organization’s overall objectives. By utilizing a formal methodology that documents, analyzes and provides recommendations, along with conducting gap analysis, defining requirements, implementation and go-live support, MDS successfully guides investment firms through vendor selection and contractual processes.



Project Management

Project Management is a key to a successful implementation or complex upgrade.  A structured project approach is imperative in maximising this opportunity for your project team and your sponsor.  Firms large and small can benefit from the significant amount of domain expertise that MD Solutions possesses to make sure the project meets the client's success criteria.